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Amazing Siwa 5 day tour

I just got back from the Siwa 5 day tour and I am beyond happy I booked this tour with Cairo Top Tours. Siwa is a special place, tucked away on the borders of Egypt and far from the hustle and bustle of Cairo. People there live by their traditions and are eager to share with tourists insights into their beautiful hometown. Our guide Amgad and our driver Ashraf were the best travel companions that one could ever envisage. Amgad is knowledgeable, kind and went above and beyond to make sure we were having fun. Ashraf is an excellent driver and was always looking out for us. We visited breathtaking archeological sites like the Shila fortress and the Mount of the Dead, went swimming in hot and cold springs, enjoyed the thrill of sandboarding in the desert and much more. Honestly, there is no downside whatsoever to this trip: I recommend it without reservations. Head to Siwa with Cairo Top Tours, bask in the beauty of the place and meet its kind people. You won’t regret it! Special thanks for Khaled and Ali of Kenooz Shali Lodge who made our stay just a notch better. 🙂

Isotta R

What People Say

Could not be better! Simply Superb!

When most tour operators told me that my “suicide itinerary” is not possible, in 12 hours, Mohammed even added some additional stops.

His knowledge and professionalism was worth every cent we paid. He could exactly “read” us as person and customized the tour according to our interests and liking. Nothing was forced upon us and he managed to to show us the “silver spoon” and real side of Cairo/Giza, which was important to us!

Heide Hobohm

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The River Nile

The Nile River is formed by three principal streams: the Blue Nile (Arabic: Al-Neel Al-Azraq; Amharic: Abay) and the lake of Atbara (Arabic: Nahr ʿAṭbarah), which flow from the highlands of Ethiopia, and the White Nile (Arabic: Al-Baḥr Al-Abyad), the headstreams of which flow into Lakes Victoria and Albert. The Nile River is the longestContinue reading “The River Nile”

Ramadan in Egypt

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar year. It is time for fasting, blessing, and prayers to commemorate the first verses of the Noble Qur’an of the Prophet Muhammad by the Holy Spirit Gabriel. As it is a time when Muslims refrain from eating during daylight hours as a sacrifice to remind themContinue reading “Ramadan in Egypt”

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